Going serverless: Your first AWS Lambda

Have you been looking for a straightforward and no over-engineered way to write your first serverless application? Have you been wondering what is AWS Lambda and how I can deploy my serverless application on AWS cloud? This is what we will be discussing in this article: Creating your first AWS Lambda and execute it onContinue reading “Going serverless: Your first AWS Lambda”

Understanding Containerized Blockchain behavior on AWS Fargate

This is the second part of my series for evaluating automated orchestration services for Blockchain. In the previous article “Orchestrating Resilient Blockchain on Kubernetes”, I took you through orchestrating Blockchain and evaluated the case for Kubernetes in a non-scalable, non-elastic environment. With the aid of simple blockchain source code, we interacted with the Blockchain via REST APIs.Continue reading “Understanding Containerized Blockchain behavior on AWS Fargate”